4 Benefits Of A Frameless Shower Door

Posted on: 23 March 2022

A good portion of your time is spent in a bathroom. The morning showers and the refreshing evening baths deserve a quality bathroom. If this space is not appealing, it is time for an upgrade. A frameless shower door is one of the upgrade options available. This feature offers aesthetics that many people enjoy more than those of framed glass doors and shower curtains. Customized sizes This part of your interior decor comes in customized sizes. [Read More]

Best Reasons To Get Auto Glass Repair Even If It's Minor Damage

Posted on: 26 January 2022

It is common for some drivers to assume that minor damage to their windshields is not important. Although rock chips and small cracks do not require immediate attention, the glass should be repaired or an auto glass replacement service should be performed as soon as possible. Another common mistake is not taking a vehicle to get the glass examined after the damage occurs. Glass technicians are the best resource to use to determine whether a repair is possible and to get an idea of potential damages or risks if services are delayed. [Read More]

Tips For Getting Professional Auto Glass Repair Work

Posted on: 19 November 2021

Few things turn your vehicle into a complete eyesore like broken, chipped, or cracked glass. This might come about due to an accident, storm damage, or even vandalism. What's more, driving around with this sort of glass damage can be downright dangerous for you depending on how severe it is and whether your visibility is blocked. Finding an auto glass repair shop can fix these problems in the blink of an eye. [Read More]

5 Weather Events That Can Damage Your Windshield

Posted on: 13 September 2021

Not all windshield damage is caused by flying rocks on the highway. Certain weather events can also lead to windshield damages. 1. Hail  Hail is likely the most obvious of the weather events that can damage your auto glass. Small hailstones can leave chips in the glass, while larger stones can completely shatter a windshield. If the chips are small and there are only a few, then your glass technician can fill and repair them as they would any other rock chip. [Read More]