Understanding Rock Chips and Why They Need to Be Repaired

Posted on: 10 January 2024

Have you ever been driving on the road and then suddenly you hear a loud "ping"? And then, you notice a chip on your windshield? This can be a frustrating experience that makes you wonder how it happens and how is it going to affect your car. In this blog post, we will discuss what rock chips are, how they occur, how they work, and, most importantly, why repairing them is crucial.

What are rock chips, and how do they happen?

Rock chips are small circles or star-shaped indentations on a car's windshield or any other glass parts of a vehicle. They happen whenever something (like a stone or rock) hits the glass, which is usually kicked up by other vehicles. Rock chips are prone to happen on highways and construction sites, where there is loose gravel and rocks lying around on the road.

How do they work?

Once a rock hits a car's windshield, it creates a small indentation in the glass. This indentation can cause the glass to crack, which can then spread across the surface of the windshield. A crack can cause the windshield to weaken and be more prone to shattering if exposed to extreme temperatures or any other stress factors. Not only is this unsafe, but it can also lead to irreparable damage that will require a full windshield replacement.

Importance of repairing rock chips:

The primary reason why repairing rock chips is important is that it prevents further damage from occurring. Since these chips can quickly turn into cracks, fixing them right away will prevent you from having to replace your entire windshield. Plus, cracks and chips in your windshield can obstruct your line of sight, which can be really dangerous while driving. In addition to that, if you have a crack or chip that's larger than a quarter, you will fail a vehicle inspection — which means you won't be able to drive your car legally.

The process of repairing rock chips:

The process of repairing rock chips is simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive — especially when compared to having to replace your windshield. A technician will use a specialized resin that is injected into the glass. After curing under UV light, the resin binds the glass back together. This process typically doesn't take long, and your vehicle will be safe to drive right away.

In conclusion, rock chips can happen to any vehicle at any time, and they can quickly turn into a dangerous crack. Repairs are essential to prevent the damage from worsening and avoid a windshield replacement, which can be costly. Remember that even tiny rock chips can cause serious damage to your windshield, so if you notice one, don't hesitate to take your car to a glass specialist. By repairing them right away, you can make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for the road ahead.

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