3 Subtle Signs That Your Commercial Windows Need A Pro To Repair Them

Posted on: 16 July 2021

Image is one of the things that you should invest in when you own or manage a commercial building. Clients and business associates will form their first impression of you depending on the condition of your business premises. If you have broken windows, windows with missing panes, and other undesirable windows, then it might be hard for people to take you seriously. Window damage is a gradual process. The damage could be occurring long before obvious cracks form. Here are three subtle indicators that you urgently need commercial window repair services.

When the Windows Keep Getting Stuck

One of the indicators that your windows are damaged and in need of repair is when they keep getting stuck. Well-installed and functional windows should open and close with ease. Sticking windows indicate that dust particles, pollen, and other debris have become lodged in the tracks. You can try to clean and lubricate them so that they can glide open. However, if the hinges and other components have rusted, then it is best to repair the windows. Sticking windows are a serious safety hazard, and you cannot rely on them as an escape route when a fire breaks out. 

When They Have Excessive Moisture

You also know that your windows need professional repairs when they keep collecting excessive moisture. You need to repair your windows if water keeps getting past the barrier between the outdoors and the indoors. Water leakage is dangerous because it can lead to mold growth and algae development. Water leakages and mold growth will eventually lead to total damage to the window frames. Repairing the frames will minimize the damage to the adjacent wall. 

When You Have Foggy Panes

Foggy panes also indicate that your commercial windows are not in good shape. It is natural for windows to be cloudy during the wet season. However, struggling with fog all the time indicates you have too many cracks and gaps in your windows. It is best to get a contractor to check the condition of the windows and determine whether to repair or replace them. Ideally, you should repair the windows, especially if you are experiencing higher energy bills than usual.

It is advisable to hire an expert to help check the condition of the windows and determine the extent of the damage. Timely window repair will improve your company's appearance, minimize your energy bills, and keep your office comfortable.