3 Types Of Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted on: 26 May 2021

When it comes to choosing a glass shower enclosure, there are three main style options to look at. Which you choose depends on your personal budget and aesthetics.

1. Framed

Framed glass doors were likely the first available, so they are often seen in older homes. These simple doors usually consist of two moving pieces of glass, often mounted on a tub. The glass is inside a frame, which can move on a track to slide open and closed. There are also those with hinged doors that swing open as well as framed doors that surround showers without integrated bathtubs.

The main benefit of a framed door is that it tends to be the most cost-effective option. The doors are also lightweight, since the frame means that glass of a smaller thickness can be used. The drawback is maintenance. It can be difficult to clean in the crevice around a frame, which can lead to dirt and bacteria buildup.

2. Frameless

A frameless door is becoming the new standard in glass shower surrounds. These doors don't have a frame, but instead they sport simple brackets that attach the glass panels to the walls, floor, or each other. They are typically hinged swinging doors, which have a magnetic latch to keep them closed while the shower is in use.

Not only do frameless shower surrounds look nice, as they open up the space and allow in more light, they are also easy to maintain. This is because there is fewer places for dirt to accumulate. The swinging door can be an issue in smaller bathrooms without a lot of space for operation, though. The doors are also heavier, as they are made from thicker glass due to the minimal support of the frameless design.

3. Semi-Framed

A semi-framed enclosure can provide the best of both options. These doors generally have a frame along one edge of the glass panel, typically where it attaches to the wall or ground. Multiple panels will have a channeled frame on each side of attachment so the panels can be held together.

The benefit is that these enclosures are cost effective because lighter glass can be used. There is also less frame to clean around, although some deep cleaning will still be necessary. The doors also look more open since there is only a minimal use of frames.

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