Two Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Their First Shower Door

Posted on: 27 July 2020

People who have never purchased a shower door before tend to make these errors when purchasing this item for the first time. Read to learn about these mistakes so you can avoid them. 

1. Not getting a frameless shower door even though they hate cleaning

Many people dislike cleaning and find cleaning their bathrooms particularly loathsome. It is a big mistake for anyone who feels this way about this household task to buy a shower door that has a frame around it, instead of getting its frameless equivalent.

When a shower door has a frame around it, soap scum and mold will usually accumulate in the small gap between the frame and the glass edge it sits on. While people who are partial to a good cleaning session might find removing this gunk unpleasant, individuals who actively hate cleaning may find this job so disgusting that they avoid it until the scum and mold seep onto the glass and they can no longer ignore their presence. This could make the shower area unsanitary and unpleasant to stand in.

However, if a person like this gets a frameless shower door, there will be no crevice for this gunk to build up in and all they will have to do to keep the door's edges free from dirt is run a cloth soaked in some cleaning fluid over them every once in a while. Even if these areas of the glass are neglected for a few days, they will not become dirty in the way that they would if they were surrounded by a frame.

2. Getting a protruding door handle when they have a small shower

The other big blunder that people make when shopping for their first shower door is buying one with a protruding handle even though they have a tiny shower. This can lead to them painfully knocking their elbows into the handle while turning around inside the shower or accidentally leaning on it and opening the door while showering.

In this situation, they should've ordered a shower door with a cut-out handle; this is simply a small, precisely-cut hole in the glass that serves as a replacement for a standard handle. This will not take up any extra space inside the shower and won't cause the mishaps described above. Additionally, if a person gets a frameless shower door to make their tiny shower cubicle seem a little bigger, opting for a cut-out handle over a protruding one could add to the spacious, seamless look they're trying to achieve in this small area.

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